You also want to organize a TeamsCommunityDay? This is of course possible and you can build on our experience and also organize a TeamsCommunityDay. There are a few things you have to consider and then you can start.


Attention – looking for locations/trackowner

We are looking for Trackowner/locations! Do you want to organize one track? That´s your chance to be a TeamsCommunityDay Hero!  You can organize speakers and choose them for your own track and be a part of the Community! 

or use our forms:



The principle of the TeamsCommunityDay

  • free event
  • community-driven
  • Sponsors can support the community
  • 1 location per city
  • Catering/food + drinks are desirable but not mandatory
  • Room (optimal from 15 persons)
  • sessions or workshops / 1 or more tracks
  • maximum 1 day


Best practices planning a TeamsCommunityDay

  • Start 3 Month before the event
  • start with a location and a sponsor
  • search speakers 2 month before (example: via sessionze (free for a free event)
  • Registration: XING Event, LinkedIn Event, eventbrite, Meetup or use a Microsoft Form  


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